About Us

The Muskoka Rose came to be as a result of our desire to live within an environment which would provide our family, friends, guests and us with the means to help foster a more holistic lifestyle. Our criteria was that the property would need to have an abundance of water, beautiful gardens, a great kitchen, wonderful accommodations, and room to grow our own fruits and vegetables. It needed to be both a place to entertain, as well as educate, our guests about the virtues of healthy living.



Born and raised in Toronto, David spent many summers in the Muskoka’s. His passion for the area led him to pursue a summer job as a canoe guide in the Algonquin Highlands, where he also spent time as a camper.

As a graduate of the Ontario College of Art & Design, David went on to found and run his own marketing company, Forefront Communications Network Inc. which worked with such companies as Gorgio Armani, Valentino, Amarula, Wines of Chile, Tennis Canada, Sip & Savour Farmers Market and more.

Through work, he was introduced to Beaconsfield B&B (Toronto) owner, Bernie Mcloughin. Who would later become David’s close friend and mentor. Inspired by Bernie’s vision of a bed & breakfast where friends from all over the world can meet, David began his dream of living up north in a guesthouse, open to strangers, welcomed as friends.






Growing up in the country, Elaine experienced the serenity of being surrounded by gardens, orchards and neighbouring animals. Her passion for Northern Ontario would inspire her as an adult to maintain a lifestyle that incorporated her local surroundings and her love of nature.

Elaine later worked with various farmer’s markets and specialty vendors producing and selling goods such as organic eggs and pastries. On most days you can find Elaine in the kitchen whipping up creative and inventive dishes. Taking inspiration from a holistic lifestyle Elaine strives to incorporate locally grown ingredients from surrounding markets or from her very own veggie garden.

The Muskoka Rose would offer Elaine the opportunity to express and share her love of Northern Ontario, and the sense of community and enriching lifestyle it can bring.